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    Feb 25, 2018
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    Our friend Pat Condell has a few words to say..I think we are ALL thinking the same thing.! Aren't we?

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    In 2016 the country voted in a referendum to leave the EU. We have a PM who does not want to leave the EU and is trying her best to appear to be doing as the majority voted for but is doing her best to ensure we do not leave. Everytime she went to Brussels instead of carrying the Union flag she carried a white one. She has a 'plan' that will keep us half in, half out. A majority of her own party do not agree with this plan, the majority of the people who voted to leave do not agree with her plan, but she will not budge. "Do it my way or not at all" is her attitude. She has ruled out a 'no deal' exit saying it will be a disaster for everything . Will it? We have faced worse times in our history and have come out victorious and would do the same.
    The truth is that Europe needs us but we do not need Europe.
    I voted to stay in the referendum but after seeing all the mess and the utter indifference shown to the British public by our MPs I say let,s get out with no deal and let,s get a government that will listen to the peoples voices.
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    Did you see Nigel Farage on the Andrew Marr show yesterday? It was embarrassing watching Marr failing miserable trying to catch him out. Typical BBC left wing bias.

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