Wheree to find games, cheaply or free

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    Steam is one of the biggest, they have most of the latest releases and older games to at reduced prices, and guess what specials and freebies.

    h t t p s : / / s t o r e . s t e a m p o w e r e d . c o m / j o i n /

    GOG is mainly for older games and there are a lot of free ones to be had, just do a goggle for the games you your looking at and your OS or Operating System, IE Windows 10 / 8 / 7, Unix Ubuntu Etc, like this.
    "Games name, how to play on OS." This should tell you if you can play it, and if you need to do something first.

    w w w . g o g . c o m

    There are a lot of MUD's about, or Multi user Dudgeons, also space games like Star trek on line & The Elder Scrolls on line, if your into a type of game then just do a goggle with say Space games or Card games Etc, but before you down load do a goggle for a Review of that game, some have spy wear in them, the review should warn you.

    Hope this helps Leona

    OK sorry this thing decided I was trying to spam, the links are safe, and I don't own any shares in them, wish I did, you will have to remove the spaces if you use the links.

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