The church dabbling in politics


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Feb 25, 2018
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You seem to have something against anything remotely positive.

I don't recall to have ever read anything negative about this Jesus chap (be he real or fiction).

So why the 'goodbye'?
No i don't.

Jesus is a Fictional Character. (Perhaps there WAS a fisherman called Jesus in biblical times.) I don't know.

Neither do you.

The Jesus the Bible talks of is Fictional. As is the Book that speaks of him.


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Feb 9, 2018
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I personally find it insulting when people who are so called pro-immigration, mention how that those who are against mass influxes, and then have the audacity to bring up random history to make a point, in an attempt to silence people, who had no part of invading or enslaving other people, and use it as justification to screw over the people who have settled in this country, worked hard all their lives, abide by laws and the rules, only to be told to shut up and stay silent when illegal immigration is currently happening.

And I'm someone who is a product of immigration, but even i can see that this is wrong. My grandparents fought real Nazis and Communist Russians during the war. They had to sacrifice a lot to survive, move from their homelands, and then come over to the UK to settle, work hard, and make a future for the next generation. So I find it a slap in the face from anyone who compares the illegal immigration that is currently going on today, to what my grandparents and many other families went through in their homelands.

As others have mentioned, when public services like the NHS, education and housing are all personally affected due to a mass influx of people, that's where the bitterness, anger and resentment towards others that have come from others countries stems from.

As a conclusion to this, no, i don't think illegal immigration will be stopped, simply because the people in charge don't seem to be bothered at all by it.
And it seems as though the institutions, such as the church, are more than willing to dip their hands into the political stratosphere in some kind of virtue signal, but at the cost of the people who currently live here, who rely on the already under stressed public services.


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Jul 3, 2019
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Sorry to ask but is your daughter in fear of her life if she can`t get a place?.
Moving on ,i just read that many of the immigrants are going back to their own countries because they are being treated like slaves on British farms ! If true then it`s appaling .
That just proves that life in their own country can't be that bad! Migrants in Sicily were complaining about the same thing...being made to work for their crust instead of having everything handed to them on a plate.