Moderators lacking a sense of humour et al.

Discussion in '40s-50s' started by WickedPerdition, Jul 22, 2020.

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  1. WickedPerdition


    Dec 22, 2019
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    If Moderators were trained in the skills, and I use the term loosely, of chat room moderation, there would be less incidence of confrontation with other chatters.
    I particularly refer to their absence of possessing a sense of humour, and poor advisory skills.
    It is sad that chat rooms are supervised by people who lack both judgemental skills and an understanding of simple humour. I do not think that I am the only one expressing this view either. Others already have.
    What is more, is that they are unable to substantiate taking their foolish actions and NEVER declare the (alleged) 'evidence' by which they make such puerile decisions.
    I forgot; I am not allowed to criticise Moderators because they are only answerable to Administrators who, strangely enough, share the same lack of judgemental skills AND humour.
    I will be surprised if they allow this thread to be aired in case of criticism. Quelle surprise!
    Herd immunity begins here and stays here!!!
    You know I'm right.

    P.S. Here's looking at you, elwoodbluz66 .... :eek:
  2. TwoWhalesInAPool

    TwoWhalesInAPool UKChat Familiar

    Aug 12, 2018
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    I'm sensing a total 'lack of humour' irony there.

    What a Karen!
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  3. elwoodbluz1966

    elwoodbluz1966 Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 7, 2018
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    Your continual, daily criticism of our moderators, us as Admin and the whole site in general is tedious As is yor faux intellect and air of superiority to anyone else on this chat site. You bring nothing to this site or chat. You spend you entire time trying to mock, goad, harass and antagonise other chatters and the moderators. You fail miserably by the way, every time. You aren't superior, you aren't even unique, we've seen dozens of people like you in chat rooms over the years. Your 'act' is both old and pointless. It is laughable and your ranting, rambling Forum and profile posts, together with the nonsense you type in the chat rooms may make you sit there with the look of a dog that has just finished cocking its leg up a tree, but to the rest of us you simply appear as an irritant. A small minded, unfunny individual, who looks down on others - lord alone knows why - and tries to belittle them. You are nothing here, just one of 18 thousand plus registered chatters, on this FREE private chat site. You seem to think the rules and TOU dont apply to you. They do. You assume way too much, know so little and type only to agitate. You never hold a meaningful converstion in any of our chat rooms. You will no longer be allowed to continue with your current behaviour in chat. And you will no longer treat our moderators with the disrespect and distain you have to date. Sit out your current ban, think about your entire attitude on chat and either change it, or pretty soon you will be joining that group of chatters that are no longer welcome on this chat site. The choice is yours.
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