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Nov 2, 2019
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..I read in my readers difest earlier, of course it also happened to come on the telly, on the news same time, emergency broadcast, that from august
onward,all peoples born before 1910 are as good as dead. Of course this came as a bit of a shock , and yerss you probably goin to go into a shock too, dont worry though, the likelihood is, you probably were born after this date.

You may though have friends or relatives who fit into that category, well that's that innit. They goners. No easy way of saying it. I think its something to do with the ozone wayer , yerss wayer, and all those times you went out with mates, put loads a hair spray on, thats what did it. Cant blame yourself though,mates were at fault, they put some on too. joop were the worse ones, actually Joop don't make hair spray,might have heard that wrong.

More exciting news to follow..