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Nov 2, 2019
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The very definition of seems to steer my mind to places of sanctitude, peace at last,still i hear the occasional rumble of rain does it bring to quench my thirst...I said that to my doctor the other morning, she looked at me wandering wtf I was talking about...Suggested I go take a visit to the mental asylum just to have a look around, might like the place, decide to kick it for a little while ..I of course politely declined the offer asking instead to leave the room with nothing in hand. no piece of paper with uninteligeable scribbling more injected with a poison. See, we dont need that any more. What i need is a nice cuppa coffee with biscwits might even have more than 2...Is that allowed i ask myself...maybuh...maybuh, who realy knows ......


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Jan 5, 2018
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What is intermitant?

The dictionary definition is starting and stopping something.
We do that with breathing, we do that with controlling ourselves, we do that by thinking, we do that with emotions.
Even our own lives have a start and an end.

We switch one "State" to another very easily, we only require experience or belief.
An Asthmatic can tell you what it's like not to be able to breath.
An Epileptic can tell you what it's like to not be in control of thier own body.
An Ideologist can quite legitimately make thier beliefs paramount and beyond discussion and reason.
Someone in love can show you what it is not to think, rationality gives way to emotion.
As for death, thats never intermitant, how we view it is, but it is however inevitable.

Isnt that what we are?

Simple creatures surrounded by inconsistancy and intermittence, all we have is our own perception of reality.
Anything else is for supposition and philosophy.

Perhaps there is a simple answer in a decent cuppa tea ;)