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Feb 24, 2018
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Went to a cup game last week. Really looking forward to it, and having a natter to the couple who usually sat next tome. Bloke and his missus, nice! When I turned up there was only the bloke, on his own like.
Hello, I said. Wife not here today then? No, he said. She died a week ago, very sudden it was. Blimey, I said. That’s terrible! I’m really sorry. She was a lovely lady. Yeah, he said, thanks. Looked really gutted he did too. Is there no one from the family could have come along in her place today, I said, keep you company like? No, he said, shaking his head. No, not today they couldn’t, they’re all at the funeral, see?

Hope you liked the joke. I’m here hoping to find one or two kindred souls to have a chat with from time to time. My interests, in no particular order, include: football, cooking (and eating!), my allotment, a good read, poetry, walking the dog, politics, environmental issues, ethical food production and a few other things.