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    but the new it wasn't a remake, it's just another adaptation of the same book. it's not trying to replicate the first adaptation. and i don't think the old miniseries is really thought of that highly outside tim curry's performance. i watched it not that long ago and besides him it's not very good at all. i don't think the new adaptation was up against it to try and be better than it because that wouldn't be hard to do at all for most modern films, i think it was all just about wondering if the new pennywise would be better than tim curry's pennywise or not. i don't think anyone really cares or even remembers much about the rest of the old one. the adult actors in the old one are pretty terrible too, a lot of it is actually pretty laughable.

    brad pitt and angelina jolie aren't a guaranteed hit either, they were both in by the sea a few years ago and that didn't even make back half of its small budget. tom hanks too. a hologram for the king was made for the $30m and only made $11m. i boringly have to study a lot of this dull box office type stuff, ha.

    obviously a name can help, but it's not as sure and simple a thing as you made it seem, and my overall point was generally that it's just not how the process often goes.

    anyway, i'm sure i've bored you enough. don't actually know anything about football so can't really talk about that side at all :eek:
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    But do you really think it would go to those in need? Of course it wouldn’t. These owners TAKE from the poor, they don’t feed them.
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