1. A

    Where we are in the stream of time, regarding Daniel's prophecy

    It is interesting to see on the news events in the world that demonstrate where we are in the stream of time, as regards a prophecy that Daniel, the prophet who was taken prisoner as a royal youth into Babylon, and later set free in the next empire, that of the Medes and the Persians. According...
  2. B

    MPs pay rise.

    Great idea. Who's in? Who here knows their MPs name? Do they earn their crust? Do they deserve a substantial pay rise? Do they even deserve applause?
  3. Jude99


    I notice that there is a lot of polls put on forum threads.... but most dont have any voters. I just wondered if these polls have any relevance, where are the results shown and does anyone really care what the percentages mean ? Just wondered.
  4. J

    The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived