1. A_Son_of_God

    Rolling Stones - New Album 2023

    So Mick and the boys are back again with a new album. I'm looking forward to their new songs. Here are a few of them that you can most likely look forward to: 1) Mick is now singing how he still can't get any "Satisfaction", unless he uses little blue pills. 2) Another will be from his Voodoo...
  2. Raining_Roses

    The Beatles Appreciation Thread

    The Beatles undeniably made a historical impact on the music world, so this is a thread dedicated to their songs- originals and covers from the group and members of the group. I'll start the thread with.....
  3. H

    whos better.... McFly. Busted. or One direction??

    who is better? and I don't count mcbusted as a band.
  4. N

    Favourite Soundtrack songs from Movies

    Just wondering what's everyone's favourite songs from Movie soundtracks. Since watching Captain Marvel at the start of the month, I've been super obsessed with Garbage's I'm only Happy when it rains and No Doubt's I'm just a girl. Whats everyone else's?