1. Firefly

    Bad Genie Game

    So here is a game called Bad Genie... First poster rubs the lamp and makes a wish. Next poster is the Bad Genie who grants the wish, with a twist. (they then make a wish for the next poster to grant) For example: Newbie: I wish I didn't have to go to work today. Firefly: Granted. Your office...
  2. S


    please bring this back , preferred this than trivia
  3. D

    Men and Women Cumbria United Kingdom Q+A

    Group for Cumbria England people to have fun on
  4. W

    sock stories

    come on everyone i want to hear your sock stories just like this one for nothing more than a little bit of fun and a laugh: So this happened back when i was in 3rd at school. So this one day it was raining and i mean it was raining super heavy all morning. The playground at my school was...