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    So far, my experience of the Adult version of the site hasn't been great. They are unable to confirm new users through email links. Attempting to report this problem leads through to a page that says 'do not report this problem', and a forum thread there says that there is a 'glitch', which they don't even seem bothered about fixing.

    Logging in to the chatroom itself as a guest triggers a redirect to a webcam site. Furthermore, once I was there I reported a user there for having a username that advertised paedophilic content and was given a warning for doing so.

    I'm quite an open minded guy, and am aware that the site is free and staffed by volunteers, so I'm going to keep my screaming customer entitlement to a minimum, but as things stand at the moment I would advise anyone to stay on the clean version of this site until they sort out their problems.

    I'd be interested to know if the UKChat admins had any thoughts or comments about this? I've emailed about a week ago about the verification issues and not received any response.
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