The misogynist's guide to women's football.


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Nov 2, 2022
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THE Women’s Euro 2022 is here, leaving many men bewildered and intimidated. Here, old school sexist Roy Hobbs explains what it’s all about.

It’s very woke

In this day and age, women reckon they have to get in on all the stuff that should be reserved for men, like politics, sport and driving cars. Its political correctness gone mad to let them play the beautiful game, but that’s what you get for welcoming cultural Marxism into our country.

They’ve nicked the men’s rules

The rules are pretty much the same as for the proper men’s game, and they can even understand the offside rule. Matches are still 90 minutes long, which surprises me, as you’d think they’d get tired quicker. I suppose all that washing, ironing and cleaning must have built up their stamina.

They don’t understand how to dive

We men know that rolling around on the floor in agony when you’ve been tackled is an important part of the game. Women don’t do this so much, but I guess when your sole purpose in life is to push massive babies out of your fanny you probably have a high pain threshold.

Matches happen in the evenings

I thought they’d play the games in the afternoon before school pick-up time, but in fact a lot of the games are evening kick-offs. God knows how they manage to do dinner and wash up beforehand. I guess their husbands are just really supportive and let them do it after they get back from the match.

They don’t understand our noble tradition of losing

England were the host nation and one of the favourites to win it, and actually the women’s team do way better in competitions than the men ever have. But that’s because they don’t understand that football isn’t about winning, it’s about men being allowed to get emotional and have an excuse to cuddle each other without worrying about looking gay.


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Jan 5, 2018
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Nothing wrong with womens football.

Don't see what the bs is all about.

Womens football isnt the same as mens football.
Just like womens tennis isnt the same.

Different biological status, but we support them anyway.

Yet given a level playing field, women do well if they have the tools to do so.

Guess people dont know about Patricia Moss, one of the best women rally drivers, yes she was sterling Moss's sister.
Or Michele Muoton, the first women to win a rally facing so called legends.

Just check out women like Cookie, her youtube channel is great.
cookiedoescars, dont tell me she isnt brilliant.