Serious discussion on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence

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Will AI bring an end to mankind

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    Artificial Intelligence or AI is already capable of writing news articles as well as a human reporter.
    AI can also hold text conversations as well as a human.

    OpenAI originally funded by Elon Musk have managed to create AI capable of making up complete beleivable stories after being given a short prompt about the subject matter. In fact it can write beleivable fake news.
    The AI is so dangerous to mankind it is kept locked away it is said.
    In a recent poll 64 percent said AI will bring an end to mankind.
    Robots will replace human workers and AI online will replace human writers in jobs from journalists to office staff.
    When this happens, humans might not be needed.
    What should we do? Replies please
    Also, Vote in the poll.

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