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    Stay true to who you truly are,
    To change for others is a step too far,
    Don't feel the need to conform,
    It's ok to be different from the so called norm,
    Stay true and stay real,
    Tell them changing for them isn't part of the deal,
    Embrace who you are, embrace your own identity,
    Be you, be true and keep your integrity,
    Stay true to yourself, don't worry what they think,
    Stand up proud don't shy away or even shrink,
    Always stay true to what's in your heart,
    You matter in this world and you're here to play your own part,
    Stay they way you were born to be,
    Remember you are an individual with individuality,
    Do not change to belong, or to fit in,
    Fighting others battles won't make you win,
    Stay true to yourself, as very few will stay true to you,
    Do what you need to do,
    People will always see what they choose to see,
    Nothing you say or do with make them see differently,
    Stay true to what you know is right,
    Hold on to your happiness and beliefs with all your might,
    Others might not like it, they might not agree,
    But you do you and be who you are meant to be.
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    Rose are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I'm sh** at poetry.
    So there!
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  3. BeYOUtiful :D:p
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    Little and large

    The pasts not the past till its dealt with
    and until in the presence of another its felt with.
    I only thought my past was past
    but here I am distraught, harassed.
    I had died inside and said nothing at all
    and there was so little left that my little was my all.
    So I guard it well as it all I’ve got
    as to lose my little would be to lose the lot.
    Exposure is scary when so little’s there
    and were silence seems safer even in despair.
    So in the suffering of silence I muzzle my scream
    to the desperation of what might have been.
    But there’s questions in the silence to which I don’t give a voice
    and where there’s no lack of conflict, but only of noise.
    Like why do I find love as threatening as it is
    and pretend I don’t need it to remain in the abyss?
    And how can I open when ive been conditioned to close
    and stop hiding from that person who knows?
    And how do I permit what was never allowed
    to experience a pain never avowed?
    And how can I mirror what ive never seen
    to become the person I was meant to have been?
    So please be gentle with my apparent dismay
    as the reasons are large for the little I might say
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    Life is an exam paper, yet we all don't take the same,
    Still somehow if we don't do good enough, we get the blame,
    Life is a rollercoaster, with ups, downs, twists and turns,
    We hold on tight, through the happiness, heartaches, grazes and burns,
    Life is short, yet some choose not to live,
    Out of fear of being hurt more, remaining less active,
    Life is a challenge, we struggle to beat,
    To live the best life is no mean feat,
    Life is a mystery, so much yet to unfold,
    So much yet to see, experience or to hold,
    Life is a struggle, yet we still try so hard,
    Often left physically, emotionally or mentally scarred,
    Life is a game we all try to play,
    Unfortunately it doesn't always go our way,
    Life is duty to perform,
    Can't say it always goes to plan or stays in the norm,
    Life is hard, yet we all muddle through,
    Each of us doing what we need to do,
    Life is learning curve, from which many lessons we learn,
    Badges, skills and qualities we earn,
    Life is a poem, be the poet,
    It will surely be over before you know it,
    Life is an adventure, you just have to try,
    Try not to let fear stop you or even ask why,
    Life is a sport, just depends how you play the game,
    Not all of us are going to play the same,
    Life is mountain, we have to try and conquer and climb,
    Sometimes it feels right at the bottom, then at times we're at the top in our prime,
    Life is a game of cards, just depends upon what you're dealt,
    Playing our best, depending on what we felt,
    Life is a fight, it feels we don't always win,
    Feeling like being ourselves is always wrong, we'll never fit in,
    Life is a song, yet we don't all know the words,
    So many seem incapable to sing alone and sing in herds,
    Life is cruel, with so many people being hurt, let down or burnt.
    Being the best they can be, yet so much difficulties and uncertainty they've earnt,
    Life is a questionnaire, yet our questions and answers are poles apart,
    We don't always feel good enough or let alone smart,
    Life is complicated, yet seems easy for some,
    Often left feeling like its our fault, we're incapable or dumb,
    Life is a tragedy, difficult to accept,
    No one seems to know what to expect,
    Life is luck, for many though it seems to run out,
    We're often left clueless, confused or full of self doubt,
    Life is yours to live your own way,
    It's up to you how at the end of the day.
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