Out of place artifacts - True or False?


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Feb 25, 2023
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Sometimes people make claims that their theories are true. Although they have no evidence, their best proof - at least to themselves - is to mock the ideas of others. For some strange reason, this actually has an effect on people. I'm guessing it is because nobody likes being mocked, and the mockers do it because it is the coward's way of fighting. Tease, get people to gang up, then run away out of harm's reach and laugh at the disaster they caused, even though they know they're liars.

One thing that doesn't really help their cause is evidences that contradict their points of view. Admittedly, this can happen both ways, not just one way. But with the coward's way, they don't resort to it because often they're not interested in knowing truth. They're happy to just pick on people with their emptyheadedness and stupidity.

But in this post, I'm going to share just some of the things that are reasons to consider the fairy tales that many take as fact because they WANT it to be true, and show these people that their faith in the pseudosciences (the fake ones, mixed with the real ones, ruining true study and education) are evident for all to see if they really wanted to look. Sure, there are arguments for and arguments against these. That's why they're in the Debate section of the forums. Enjoy!

The Bell found in a 300 million year old piece of coal.

Bell in coal.png
This image is a bell that a young lad found in the '40s, inside a piece of coal. It was tested at the University of Oklahoma, and found to be an alloy not used in our day. The coal it was found in was dated to be 300 million years old.

"Feet like ours"


This image is a 1 500 000 year old footprint, discovered in between the '70s and 2009. The article states that these demonstrate "much the same body size and proportions as modern humans".

Hammer in "Dinosaur" strata

Hammer in Dinosaur Strata.png

The article this is taken from states that this was found in the same strata where dinosaur tracks were found. It was discovered in 1934 in Red Creek. The handle is partially turned into coal, and the strata is dated to be 140 million years old.

The Point
These are only three examples of hundreds that have arisen over the years, and you can scout/reverse image/do what the heck you like to look at this kind of thing. But regardless of counter arguments (these themselves are counter arguments), what it comes down to is this: Are you willing to analyse the evidence, and walk away from falsehood so as to save your very potential to enjoy life forever? Or not? Because evidence can be produced for both sides of an argument, but those who seek to win, will in their own heads win every time, even if what they present is a lie. But those seeking truth will consider both sides, and analyse what is before them to ascertain truth.

The fools will mock. The wise will ask questions.


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Nov 2, 2022
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"- In 1929 the Watchtower Society (WTS) built a 10 room mansion in San Diego called Beth Sarim. It was meant to house men that were going to be resurrected for the purpose of leading the world to salvation, including Abraham, King David of Israel, etc. In reality, the leader of the WTS used the mansion as his winter home.

- Judicial committees - they have their own legal system within the congregation, that isn't public, but held completely behind closed doors.

- 2 Witness Rule - if a JW child goes to their elders and says, "so and so is molesting me", the elders require a second witness to be brought forward (cuz, you know, pedophiles commit their crimes for audiences). The also discourage the child and the child's family from going to the police.

- They were an NGO member of the UN for 10 years, even though they dictate that their members not have any political involvement. During these same 10 years, JWs in Malawi were persecuted and even killed for refusing to be members of their one-party political state.

- Sparlock!

- They intentionally make their children outsiders at school (not standing for the anthem or partaking in classroom celebrations). This helps immensely in brainwashing their children, because the children already feel separated from society.

- Members can't vote or partake in any political activity, but the WTS is very active judicially, constantly petitioning the courts for religious freedoms, registering for charitable status, and members have no problems living in social housing or on welfare

- The WTS claims to be god's prophet, but they constantly change their doctrines (they used to celebrate holidays and allow blood transfusions).

- They claim that before Eve was corrupted by Satan, that all animals on Earth lived in harmony (apparently lions, bears, etc. were all vegetarian).

- Only JWs will be saved at Armageddon, which is why they preach so much (to save people), yet they don't preach in 33 countries, that together, amount to over 1 billion people

- They say that Jesus's invisible rule starting in 1914 is based on the fall of Jerusalem in 607 BC...but Jerusalem didn't fall in 607 BC, it fell in 587 BC (while this may not seem like a big deal, their entire belief system is based on this calculation)

- They altered their translation of the bible to suit their teachings

- They're not allowed to read the bible without WTS publications guiding their interpretation. They're actually told that if they study the bible without WTS publications guiding them, that they will fall into darkness.

- They claim that they opposed Hitler, but letters from their leader at the time show that they actually sympathized with him, and supported his hate of Jews."