On Why Sex-Change is a Lie



Germaine Greer a nutter and cant be trusted. This odd woman lived in my road for a while, right suck up cow. Talked down to everyone and moan about everything. Calling in the council or Police when ever people stood up to her or her friends.

We had a street party when she moved !!!!
You mean she reported harassment and bullying from incels, misogynists and autogynephilics demanding to be known as women and rightfully informed the authorities of your/their aggressive behaviour?

From someone who writes "Lets be fair, I don't give a dam about grandma dying from covid. " your aggressive volatile attitude towards women is not well hidden and the above just goes further to confirm that attitude.

But then, that is at the core of this agenda, so little surprise, hey!


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Jan 5, 2018
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Actually, she was nuts :)

She flip-flopped so much on her opinions, back pedaled her early works.
Even Salman Rushdie, who she had called a megalomaniac, said of her
‘What people don’t often say about Germaine Greer is that she is barking mad.’

What she was is a feminist who fell out of favour with her peers because of her "intolerance" of the "Transgender" part of the movement.
Rightly so in my belief, Gay, Lesbian and Bisexuals are a certain attraction of a sexual nature, they have nothing to do with how one "feels" about ones body in a psychological way, just what one is attracted to.

Transgenderism, in my view, is simply the mental state of being unhappy or not feeling "natural" with ones body.
Much as Body integrity identity disorder, where surgeries remove healthy limbs as thier owners "Dont want them".

They somehow see life as being better if they had surgery to correct what is a mental disorder.
Statistically this does not support this theory as there is little benefit in happiness after 5 years and actual increase in regret after 10 years of post surgery.
As in all cases, surgical procedures should be the last case for any psychological "belief", hence the closing down of the Tavistok center, they were not doing thier Hippocratic duty of "First do no harm".

I have every sympathy for anyone with any kind of internal problems, but lets not try teaching our kids about it when they are 4.