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  1. simone

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    am planning my lifes dream to come true. I always wanted to backpack visiting scotland and ireland, but not like the common tourist does. I don´t want to be shipped by bus from tourist place to tourist place, bothering the people that live there, with someone who tells the same stories every day. I want to see country and meet the people, to get to know the country. So, before I get to old to do it (my body won´t let me sadly sooner before later), I decided to take action and get informations about things. If anybody has Ideas for me, feel free to contact me, I want to let my life dream come true, before my body won´t let me.I don´t want to read a book, it would be the same. So if anybody has ideas for me, I would be happy to mark and write down to plan my next year trip.

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