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Discussion in 'Science & Tech' started by Dong, Oct 19, 2020.

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    From the earliest of times men, and ladies, have had their troubles with hair.
    However, since stone age times it has been dropping off, so that nowadays we have little left except for on our heads. The top may thin, disappear, over time but......our eyebrows live on; unless they are plucked.
    Why do we still have them? Who decided that we needed eyebrows to keep the rain out of our eyes...A caring creator, who saw the advantages to us: or was it simple evolution?
    Is this the proof we have all been looking for: that there is a creator for, who can believe that evolution knows a lot about eyebrows?
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    Eyebrows are short. They drop off before they get long, so we don't notice. This is evolution at work, I think, If eyebrows grew long, we'd be blinded by them Or at least blind-sided by tigers and such. This is all guesswork on my part. I ought to look it up somewhere, but guessing is a favourite pastime for me.

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