Henry Vlll's flagship Mary Rose

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    I was watching tv last night about the Mary Rose and i felt very uneasy about the near 200 skeletons they had recovered and are now either on display or kept in boxes. The Mary Rose was sunk in a great sea battle against the French, why was the site of the wreck not designated a war grave, does the passage of time make it ok to desecrate this final resting place?
    There are wrecked submarines on the sea bed contained the bodies of brave sailors can we expect in a few hundred years for them to be recovered and placed in a museum?
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    The same could be said of all the archeological sites that are constantly uncovering skeletal remains. Why must their final resting place be desecrated. I would not like to think that in maybe a thousand years time my remains could be dug up and spread all over a table.
    (Won,t happen anyway. I shall be dust)
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