Epic Names - Fortnite


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Dec 28, 2021
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Hi everyone - I've been playing Fortnite for a little while now and I was wondering if anybody wants to add my Epic which is: Jade Samson

I don't mind playing with different aged people BUT I would rather play with people my age as I'm 24!

I sometimes use the microphone but lately when I go to use the mic it plays up also I am a shy person at times but when i play with people more and get used to the mic I'll be alright!

Fortnite I play on the Nintendo switch

If you use mic like all the time it's fine i don't mind if you use mic or not and i don't care if you swear over the mic I don't take the game seriously unlike some people also I like to mess around a little as a game is a game at the end of the day!

I hope i get a Fortnite friend request of you soon