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Discussion in 'Debates' started by Tandy, Jun 21, 2020.

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  1. Tandy

    Tandy Guest

    I am wondering how often this happens? I have only been using this site for a couple of months and 2 threads have been deleted that I am aware of without warning; this isn’t just single posts but entire threads.

    I am wondering what is the point in making contributions, spending time to offer opinion etc if it is simply going to be disappeared. Could this be overzealous moderators using power to remove voices they disagree with?

    I would like to hear from the person that deleted the Black Lives Matter thread, a hot topic currently that needs to hear voices from all sides, why did you silence the debate? Were rules broken? What say you!
  2. L3TH4L1TY

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    Dec 30, 2018
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    Is pretty interesting, didn't see the thread myself but that's irrelevant - any posts contravening rules, etc could've been dealt with, the reason forums (and I include Reddit as one) are still popular where chat rooms have become less so, is their archived thread format, so deleting a thread does seem counter-intuitive - if there's no announcement or reason given for it, what happens if someone just makes another thread for it?
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  3. Tandy

    Tandy Guest

    On both occasions where I have seen threads disappear there was no warning given, not so much as a single contribution from a moderator in the BLM thread. If rules were broken then they could have deleted the posts and explain to the rest of the forum contributors the reasons for the removal, there is no excuse that I can fathom for deleting an entire debate, lest it is pure censorship of ideas not fitting with a mods ideology, a shutting down of voices.

    It will be interesting to hear what the mods do have to say about this, the future of my contributions and probably that of others will be in the balance because let’s face it what is the point if it all just vanishes without reason :confused:
  4. elwoodbluz1966

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    Feb 7, 2018
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    This is a FREE, private chat site. You are not a customer. Your human rights or freedom of speech hasn't been taken away.

    Moderators DO NOT delete either posts or any threads on the Forum.

    The BLM Forum thread had become way too toxic and was not a reasonable debate. It was creating tensions and stoking hatred. We do not allow that here. We, as Admin, have the discretion to delete posts, close a thread to any further comment or remove it. We do not need to give warning or seek chatters permission.

    This thread will be left here as it clearly explains the position. It will be closed to any further comment though, as it is not up for discussion.
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