Bring back Bob Monkhouse or Les Dawson.

Discussion in 'General' started by WickedPerdition, Feb 17, 2021.

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    I was quite shocked to learn that Anne Robinson is replacing the abominable Nick 'you be sure of it' Hewer as the new Countdown host(ess), a show I now watch with dwindling enthusiasm due to the poor standards.
    If she drones on in the monotonous voice like she did on The Weakest Link (brilliantly parodied in Doctor Who several years ago), I, for one, will be disinclined to watch.
    Fortunately, she will have limited opportunity to disparage the contestants in the same predictably, feeble manner, which became her trademark.
    Alright, so it's not as big a question as to who should be the next James Bond or Sheffield United manager, but I wonder who else was considered, applied or even offered the position.
    I would like to give you the chance to suggest who would make a far better host on Countdown.
    * By the way, my title to the thread did not mean we should bring the former great gameshow hosts back from the dead, although I am sure they would have done the job admirably.

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