A One World Government - but first, the farce



It is an interesting time we live in. Many may not recognise this as coming to fruition, but in the last 100 or so years, the tables have been turning, preparing for the way of a world government that will bring true peace to the earth.

But before that happens, there will be ANOTHER one world government. Some of you may identify it already in different ways, but in the future, it will surely come, and then go.

This is all based on Bible prophecy, regarding where we are going, and what is happening. Whether you are religious or not, I hope you enjoy the thoughts behind the two part video series below I link to here.

Bible prophecy is very specific at times. In fact, it is so specific, that certain rulers were named prior to their arrival, as well as dates of how long things would be, or what events would happen in a succession to make something obvious.

The two videos show how God uses faithful people as messengers to give to us his purpose before it happens, so that we can be forewarned and forearmed. We can be prepared for what is to come, and know how to survive it in the case of coming catastrophes. They show a history from the past, and show some prophecies that we today are able to see with our own eyes to recognise where we are in history, as regards prophecy from God.

Some may mock this. That is up to them. For the rest of you, and even you mockers, I hope you do watch the videos, and make up your own mind on things. It means our lives, knowing what is to happen, for we can prepare, and also not be taken by surprise.

Here are the links:

1 - Jehovah Guides Us In The Way Of Peace - Part One

2 - Jehovah Guides Us In The Way Of Peace - Part Two

Article - Corrupt Politicians. What God's Kingdom Will Do

I'll be in chat now and again should any of you have any questions. Alternatively, ask here.