1. xxwhite_dovexx

    How long is my freak'n ban , plz??

    how long ? i have my email addy in my contact info and yet if you give any numbers (even fictitious) ya get the old boot! ??? cannot not under stand this policy . you people are trigger happy if ya ask me .
  2. lufcturbo31

    banned for no reason

    im fuming mags needs sacking for banning me no reason in yah when swearing is allowed
  3. lufcturbo31

    banned from yah room

    i should of never been banned from yah last night all i said was f word its warm tonight and should of only kicked me
  4. O

    Banned: :Spam

    Hello, I am banned right now for the reason 'spamming' which I was not doing. May I ask you the real reason for this? Thank you.
  5. A

    banned and dont know why

    ive been banned and dont know why i cant get in to the room