UK Chat is Back!

After many years we're back and better than ever. Under new ownership and merging with some other recently bought out chat room networks, UK Chat has consolidated what's left of the major online chat services serving the UK and created the number one community for live chatting online with others in and around your local area.

Here's how we used to look back in 1998, some 20 years ago.

UK Chat is one of the oldest free chat sites on the Internet.

Whoa! How things have changed...

The core principles remain: This is still a free online chat service for all sorts of people to talk about all kinds of important topics that people like to talk about. No registration is necessary to use the free chat rooms, but it's recommended you sign up to reserve a user name so people can get to know you and to help you make friends.

While we do stick to our roots by still being an old-fashioned chat, we've grown and adapted a lot compared to how things were 20 years ago. Our main focus and primary features are still the big, central chat rooms and private messaging, but technology has changed, and so have we. We now accommodate new features that your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet are able to provide, like posting images directly into the chat, using your webcam and microphone (including those built into your mobile devices) for audio and video chat, and more.

Our chat software needs no downloads, no installation, and no registration, even to cam chat. This makes our online chat rooms much easier and more convenient than using something like Skype, which you have to download and install, and then share your screen name with your prospective chat partner so they can bother you in the future, even if you don't want them to. Our chat lets you bypass all that and remain relatively anonymous.

The fundamental difference is that we're not a simple chat site, but a chat room network consisting of 2 websites (currently). We have the original site which you're now using that is a family safe free online chat service for people of all ages to use. However, we have another set of chat rooms on a completely different website that caters for adults only, a place to let your hair down and enjoy a more mature site.

The future is bright, and we're growing, considering that the chat market is ever-shrinking since the rise of social media sites like Facebook. Even so, there is still a demand for the old school online chatting service that we're providing. Since we do it better than anyone else, we're sure to continue to grow, as we have recently, and to adapt to the changes and always provide the best free chat rooms.

The not so distant future consists of many site updates to enhance your chat experience along with a smart phone app and many many more enjoyable things to pass the time on our site.

Whether you're looking for a friendly free chat, single and looking to mingle and meet new people all over the UK or in your local area, or just looking to keep up to date on news and general goings on in our populated and active forums, we welcome you to join us.