Create Your Own Free Chat Room

We provide some of the highest quality, most popular and easy to use chat rooms on the web today, but did you know that you can create your own chat room here, too? If you want to own and manage your own chat room on our server, it's quick and easy to set it up, and it will show up in the public rooms list so that other users on our chat service can join and participate.

Once you've logged into our chat rooms, simply click on the "Menu" button (represented by a gear or cog) and select the "My Room" item. This will take you directly into your own personal chat room, where you will automatically have moderator permissions.

What Can You Do With Personal Chat Rooms?

Firstly, being a moderator means you have the ability to mute, kick, or ban users, or appoint users in your room to be moderators. You also have the ability to edit the rooms settings and customize them to your preference.

Chat Room Settings:

The channel settings has several tabs and options to help you customize the chat room to fit your unique preferences.

Tab 1: General

  • Set the topic by entering text into the topic field, then pressing the "set" button.
  • Setting the room as "moderated" means that only VIPs and Moderators can talk in the main general channel (they will still be able to private message each other).
  • "Secret" means that your room will be hidden from the public rooms list, although users will still be able to join your room by typing /join roomname.
  • Invite only means nobody will be able to join your chat room unless someone who is already inside it invites them by typing /invite username. This is a good way to keep your chat room private for just your friends and you.
  • "No Images Messages" means nobody will be able to post pics into the chat room content (they can still do so in private messaging).

Tab 2: Mods

This tab allows you to add moderators to the chat room, Users added here will be made moderators in your room every time they join. You can also designate users as moderators by clicking their names from within the chat and adding them that way.

Tab 3: VIPs

This works in the same way as the moderators tab does, but instead of making them moderators, it designates a user as a VIP. This makes their user name appear higher in the user list and grants the user the ability to chat if the room is set to Moderated. It also changes the icon next to their user name to make them more recognizable.

Tab 4: Mutes

This has the same list functionality as the previous two tabs, but is for controlling what users will be muted in your room. This is intended as a way of silencing troublemakers. This can also be accomplished by clicking the users' names in the user list.

Tab 5: Bans

When people misbehave more than you are willing to put up with, and have not responded to other disciplinary action, you can ban them. The "bans" tab allows you to view and manage the list of channel bans.

Tab 6: Share

The share tab provides you with a link that you can paste to your friends or family who are not logged into the chat rooms. This link will log them directly into your chat room.

How To Get Chatters Into Your Free Chat Room

Anyone who creates their own personal chat room probably wants it to be the next big thing. The hard part is getting users to participate and help to build up the population of the chat room. Since anyone can create their own room, if you want yours to succeed, you'll have to stand out. Be prepared to get creative.

  • Create a unique chat room with a popular topic that people would be interested in talking about with other like minded people. Stray from the crowd and be original.
  • Visit the "share" tab in the chat settings, copy the link, and then post it in other chat rooms, forums, or on social media. Invite people from all over to join your chat room.
  • Bribe other members with power and prestige by offering them moderator or VIP status in your room. Others users will also have chat rooms of their own, so exchange moderator status and idle in each others rooms to keep the numbers up.
  • Be a pleasant host and moderator. Don't be aggressive and kick/ban/mute people for silly reasons. Be inviting and respectful and the people that do join may stay.
  • Stir up conversation and keep your chat room active; nobody wants to be part of another boring empty chat room with no activity!