Fully Functional and Compatible Mobile Chat

UK Chat is Mobile Now

We've shaken up the website to focus more on our free online chat, among other things, but the most important new development here at UK Chat is our new chat software. The new chat is finally 100% mobile compatible. You can chat from your iPhone or Android mobile phones, as well as from many Apple iOS and Android mobile devices like tablets, and many unexpected devices, like web browser equipped video game consoles.

Mobile Chat Does All That Desktop Does

Not only is our chat finally compatible with a broad assortment of modern mobile devices, but you don't have to load a special mobile-only chat client to get started chatting with us. Because our chat software is completely based on modern web technologies and runs natively in web browsers, with no plugins, no downloads, no third-party software of any kind, it will run on any device capable of running a modern web browser. Regardless of which web browser that is, or what host device is running it, the same chat software, with the same functions and the same capabilities, runs across all platforms. As long as your device and browser are HTML5-compliant, with support for WebSockets and WebRTC, you can chat with us hassle-free while on-the-go.

Chat Anywhere

Internet chat used to be solely the domain of desktop computers and their users, and being an Internet socialite could mean being stuck at a desk and compromising on real-life activities or missing your friends because you had other things you had to do. Chatting on-the-go with our mobile compatible chat software changes everything. Whether you're on vacation or just on a lonely lunch break at work, you can log in and keep up with what's going on. Take us with you to get some sun and fresh air.

Light Data Usage

Our mobile chat software goes easy on your data limits. The chat client itself requires no big applet to download, and contains very few small images. Images uploaded by users are fully supported on mobile devices, but don't load unless you click on them to open them. There's more you can do if you're on a slower connection, too: In the options menu, you can disable userlist and message avatars and turn off emoji to prevent these small images from downloading. Data limits should not prevent anyone from joining us in chat!


Our mobile compatible chat software will probably work just fine on your device. Check our help page to check for compatibility, or for some suggestions if chat doesn't seem to work for you.