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Carbon Frame versus Aluminium frame ?

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    Jan 3, 2018
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    So i cycle a lot ,
    Mainly for fitness reasons , but also because i suffer from back (well i used to) and leg problems from various injuries etc ...
    Anyway cycling helped fix this ,
    My topic is * Aluminium versus Carbon* bicycle frames ,

    Which is better ?
    Ok so Carbon is lighter , Aluminium is tougher -

    I have ridden and owned both types , Both of these were CBoardman bikes that were under the £2000 mark ,
    I found the Aluminium framed bike to suit me more , and indeed quicker stage times over the same distance were achieved ,
    With a Carbon framed bike , i found myself skipping sideways a lot and in general losing forward bite (traction) on any surface that was not completely flat ,

    On my Aluminium bike the slightly heavier frame seemed unaffected by this issue ,
    I am aware that the Carbon bike was slightly easier on any assents ,
    However it obviously balanced out in favour of the Aluminium bike as the time was less ,

    Times were achieved on different days so my fitness level was the same for each attempt and the distance for this test was 9 miles ,
    The route i used had some flat , some uphill and some downhill parts to it but mostly flat ,

    My weight currently is 12 stone bang on ,
    I'm wondering would a heavier person suit the Carbon frame ,
    Anyway ,

    Any constructive discussion on this i would be grateful for ,

    Happy cycling and be safe =)


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